Mayita - What I've been listening to these days: JORGE DREXLER

I am an iPhone traveler: my headphones open me up to a vast musical universe. At the moment I've landed in Uruguay, and my tour guide is Jorge Drexler - singer, songwriter, and otolaryngologist. Yes, verdad!

Remember 'Motorcycle Diaries', the biopic film about Che Guevara? Che rides his motorcycle through South America; after seeing the injustices experienced by the destitute in those countries, he becomes a Marxist revolutionary. Jorge Drexler won the 2005 Academy Award for Best Original Song from that soundtrack - 'Al otro lado del rio'.

 Drexler's song, 'Un pais con el nombre de un rio', a song about the pain of leaving one's homeland to look for opportunities in a new land, is a favorite of mine. You can hear me sing it on my cd, "The Garden Is My Stage".

Below is his appearance on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert. Fortunately; his songs have been translated and appear as subtitles for you to enjoy his gorgeous lyrics. ENJOY!!!