Awww shucks!!

Awww shucks!!

'THE GARDEN IS MY STAGE' may 30 release

Mayita DInos is a bonafide songbird of paradise, who in creating "The Garden IS My Stage", has sung into existence an organic classic, not felt or heard since Carole King's 1971m Tapestry.”

Mary Bogue

What an album! Mayita Dinos sings with such polish and poise that it belies the fact that this is her first foray into recording. The artists supporting her are brilliant, the production is sterling, the song selection is flawless. It is only May but I can’t imagine any album coming out this year that can remove her from Best Debut Album on my Favorites of 2020 list.”

Travis Rogers, Jr., The Jazz Owl

What’s most noticeable is the diversity of styles Mayita offers up on this wonderful album… Mayita’s voice is crystal-clear and her vocal skills are just the kind of natural and enchanting inspiration we need in times of such trouble… her focus on the garden comes across brilliantly… ”

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Poetic and profound, swinging, exotic and deeply spiritual debut album, The Garden is My Stage… a showcase for her sensual, caressing and supple vocals, which draw us in with rich intimacy and dynamic flights of fancy as they adapt effortlessly to all the genres Mayita loves.”

Jonathan Widran, THE JW VIBE

  Dinos has a soft, warm, smoky voice that is as calming as the landscapes she shapes. She makes the listener feel comfortable as her vocals flow easily and gently; nothing at all seems forced or tense. This is an album for reflection. It's quiet, calming, and comforting. The musicians play sensitively in support of Dinos' articulate, genial, well-phrased delivery.  ”

Jim Hynes Making a Scene

The artistry of Mayita Dinos cannot be denied. Not only is she a lovely singer, she is a wonderful lyricist and her artwork is deep and beautiful. It was a joy to be a part of this beautiful project (The Garden Is My Stage CD). I love you Mayita! ” - Cathy Segal Garcia

Cathy Segal Garcia

Dinos is a smoky-voiced singer who brings depth and genuine feeling to each song she performs. Her vocals are smooth and fluid, and her phrasing and enunciation are impeccable.”


Mayita Dinos, the stellar landscape designer of the Arlington Garden in Pasadena is by far an even more glorious vocalist. Her debut CD drops soon, and is resplendent with references inspired by the very same garden. ....She’s stunning! You can thank me later. ”

Mary Bogue